Find out where you can see the Red Arrows today and tomorrow

The distinctive red Hawks of the RAF Aerobatic Team Picture: GARY STEDMAN

The distinctive red Hawks of the RAF Aerobatic Team Picture: GARY STEDMAN - Credit: Gary STEDMAN

With the Red Arrows heading to the Clacton Show several locations in East Anglia should be able to catch a glimpse of them.

Plane spotters will be thrilled to hear they might be able to see the Red Arrows even if they aren’t attending the Clacton Show.

Today, August 23: According to Metcheck the Red Arrows will be leaving Norwich Airport at 2.46pm where they will then pass over Southwold then on to Hadleigh at rougly 2.57pm to arrive in Clacton just after 3pm.

The phenomenon will leave the Clacton Show at around 3.21pm, where they will then pass over Felixstowe, Rendlesham, and Harleston to arrive back at Norwich Airport at approximately 3.35pm.

The list of flights for this year includes: RAF Red Arrows, Bremont Great War Display Team, RAF Battle of Britain Memorial Flight, RAF Typhoon (Thursday only), RAF Chinook (Friday only), Slingsby T67, P-51D Mustang, Strikemaster, Muscle Biplane, Bronco Demo Team, Autogyro, Norwegian Vampires, Twister Aerobatic Team, The Fireflies, Otto the Helicopter, Tigers Army Parachute Display Team.

Tomorrow, August 24: The Red Arrows will leave Norwich Airport earlier tomorrow at 12.46pm they will then pass over Southwold and then on to Otley. Just before 1pm the Red Arrows should reach Hadleigh and Great Bentley, to reach Clacton for 1pm.

The planes will then be on the move again at 1.25pm, then over Woodbridge at 1.29pm and returning back to Norwich at 1.35pm.

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The Clacton Show is predicted to attract 250,000 people over the two days.

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