Redisham: To the Hundred River and beyond

View along the Redisham walk

View along the Redisham walk - Credit: Archant

Richard Tyson enjoys a walk that takes in some interesting local landmarks

Route of the Redisham walk

Route of the Redisham walk - Credit: Archant

Countryside author Adrian Bell farmed in Redisham from 1939 until he moved to Beccles about 1950. Our walk will help you enjoy Adrian’s writing about Suffolk. Paths on this walk are all usable and waymarked (with one exception). See two Norman doorways at Redisham Church and Georgian Redisham Hall.

From the start go towards Ringsfield for 30 yards and turn left along the backs of the OAP bungalows; continue across a field then go right into the churchyard. Exit through the church gates and turn right along the road for about 100 yards. Stop beside the derestriction sign (1).

Take the footpath on the left, which has the roadside sign missing but goes through a gap and alongside the hedge on your right (easier to walk along the parallel tractor tracks). Persevere - this is the only poor path. At the far end corner go through the gap and in the next field the path is correctly cleared. At a small copse (2) (GR406837) turn right beside the wood along a line of electricity posts (the path on the left comes up from Brampton Station).

Reach the road and go straight over taking the path opposite. After a pond and sleeper bridge turn left towards a wooden signpost where we went right for 100 yards and then turned left along a farm track. At Wood Farm keep the same direction taking the onward path beside a hedge. In 250 yards a wire fence is in front (3) with the infant Hundred River ahead. Turn right here on the bridleway, which is easily followed as it continues through pretty woodland then on a farm track past parkland as you approach Redisham Hall.

Go straight on at a metal gate into grass parkland; the path keeps close to the riverbank. Continue through fields on good headlands to reach a road. Now go left for 50 yards then turn right down the side of a garage. This bridleway crosses the railway at white gates then soon curves right. Keep right at the junction opposite Walpole Hall (4) thus going onto a footpath. The path has been diverted here – veer right, cross a bridge and go left then right uphill (a hedge on your left). Pass through the hedge continuing through a copse to a road (Kings Lane). Turn right along the Lane for 500 yards then turn left through a caravan park opposite houses. The track ahead leads into a drive and soon descends past South End Farm. In one minute you must turn right through a metal gate into a very long grassy meadow. Walk on the right to the railway crossing at the far corner, cross the line and continue to the road. Turn left along the road (care please) and reach the start in about 15 minutes.