Regent rumpus as women ejected from Bryan Adams show

IPSWICH: They came to see one of world’s greatest rock stars, but their idea of fun led to one woman being arrested after she and her friends were kicked out of the Regent Theatre.

A group of rowdy women were in disgrace today after one was arrested following their ejection from Bryan Adams’ concert at the Regent Theatre.

The five or six raucous women were thrown out less than a quarter of an hour into the Canadian rock star’s set on Saturday night.

During their antics one woman is said to have gestured she was about to flash her breasts in the bar before the concert, tickets for which were a minimum of �50.

One onlooker said the group appeared to be drunk and when they came into the auditorium were swaying and shouting.

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Security staff ejected them after the group continued to cause a commotion during Adams’ acoustic set. Their ladette-like behaviour eventually led to police being called.

A spokesman for Suffolk Police confirmed officers went to the Regent in St Helen’s Street at 8.30pm to deal with the situation.

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One of the women was alleged to have been very aggressive.

The spokesman said she had to be ‘fast-strapped’ – a rarely used restraint system where strips of Velcro are placed around a person’s legs to subdue them.

The woman’s behaviour was said to be causing concern and although she was arrested under Section 5 of the Public Order Act, she was taken to hospital in case she needed medical attention.

Earlier members of the audience saw the women enter the auditorium a few minutes before Adams came on stage.

When they took their seats one woman tried to sit on her friend’s lap. Staff told her to sit in her own seat, but she turned her head, pouted and said “I’m her baby” before giggling hysterically.

One witness said: “A man in front of her turned around and told her to be quiet, at which point she tweaked his nose before falling over on to her friend’s lap.

“Once the concert started they leapt up and started shouting and whooping – although it was an acoustic set that was supposed to be quiet.

“After being warned two or three times to sit down and shut up, they were escorted out during Adams’ third song – ‘Here I am’.

“They didn’t go quietly, but there was a big cheer from that part of the auditorium as they were removed.

“The security staff were very impressive and kept the fuss down to a minimum despite the women being determined to make a noise.”

David Mansfield, the theatre’s manager said: “They carried on after we took them out and gave the police problems as well.”

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