Regulars at The Kingfisher in Chantry remember landlord Kevin Ridgeon two years after his death

Kevin Ridgeon receiving an award at Best Bar None

Kevin Ridgeon receiving an award at Best Bar None

A memorial music day is to be held to mark two years since the death of an Ipswich pub landlord.

Kevin Ridgeon, who jointly ran the Kingfisher pub in Chantry with his wife Julie, died in September 2013 at the age of 54 from injuries he sustained when he fell backwards off an articulated lorry near Birmingham.

He had recently restarted work as a lorry driver to support the pub.

On the day of the accident, Mrs Ridgeon was preparing for a fun day at the pub to raise money for the Town 102 Kids Trust.

The event was cancelled and reorganised in September last year and named ‘One Year On’, in memory of Mr Ridgeon.

Following the success of the event, Mrs Ridgeon is holding a ‘Two Years On’ music day on September 5, and intends to make it an annual feature.

Mrs Ridgeon said: “I’m doing OK. I obviously have some sad times, we all have – family and customers – but generally I found the pub has really pulled together around us. The support has been huge and for that we thank them.”

The 53-year-old lives at the pub with daughter Sam, 31, her daughter’s partner, Greg, and their two children – Freddie, five, and 18-month-old Noah.

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“They have both been a huge support and the grandchildren are my saving grace,” said Mrs Ridgeon, who also has a 28-year-old son, Rob.

Mr and Mrs Ridgeon took over the pub six years ago.

For the past four years the Kingfisher has won the Best Bar None award for Best Community Pub and is hoping to have success again this year.

Mrs Ridgeon said she had also put a lot of work into the flower display at the front of the pub this summer, and has entered it in Pubs in Bloom.

“We have to work really hard to make it survive,” she added.

“We are graciously showing an increase in trade, which we are really grateful for.

“You need to put your heart into it, but we couldn’t have got where we are without the support of the customers.”

The Two Years On music day will include a barbecue and bouncy castle. Tickets cost £5 and can be picked up from the Kingfisher.

A number of local acts, including Dan Star, Dean Vinyard and the semi-finalists from Ipswich Has Got Talent, have been secured for the event but Mrs Ridgeon is searching for more to take part.

Call 01473 680300 or email Julie for more information.

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