Remarkable transformation for Sudbury area care-in-the-home service as it goes from ‘inadequate’ to ‘good’

A care-in-the-home company, which helps people in the Sudbury area, has had an “incredible” turnaround, going from “inadequate” to “good” in a few months.

Briarcare Recruitment, based in Acton, was rated “inadequate” and placed in special measures in January this year.

However, when they were inspected six months later, the Care Quality Commission (CQC) discovered substantial improvements and upgraded their rating to “good”.

James Cuckow, registered manager, said: “It was all down to the staff really. They have done a brilliant job.

“We have worked very closely with Suffolk County Council and worked hard to address everything the CQC had identified.

“We were told it was very unlikely we would go from inadequate to good, and that requires improvement was more realistic.

“But when they arrived they saw the progress we had made and rated us good overall.”

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The CQC rated the service as good in four out of five areas, and requires improvement in the category of whether it is well led.

“The only reason we are not good in that category is because the new quality assurance system had not started when the inspectors turned up. It is in place now,” said Mr Cuckow.

“We are very proud of what we have achieved, it has been incredible. Now we will carry on the good work we are doing and will make sure we do not end up in a dire situation again.”

Mr Cuckow said their experience with CQC and the county council showed the value of the inspections, with the service told how it can improve, not just what it was doing wrong.

The CQC inspectors stated: “People had positive and caring relationships with the care workers who supported them.

“People told us that the care workers always treated them with respect and kindness.”

One person told inspectors their care workers are “very, very helpful and kind” and that they “could not do any better”.

“They are the best I have ever had,” the person added.

Another person said: “I love them to bits and they know it. They know everything about me, they should do they have been with me long enough.”

A relative told inspectors the care was “first class”.

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