Family's heartbreak as puppy dies after eating rare plant

Mochi the dog sitting on a bench with Jasmine and Oscar Glockling

Eight month old puppy Mochi pictured with Jasmine and Oscar Glockling - Credit: Glockling family

A family from Rendlesham has spoken about the "heartbreaking" death of their puppy Mochi, who was poisoned after eating a Star-of-Bethlehem plant. 

Heather Glockling, mum to Leona 14, Jasmine 12, and three-year-old Oscar, says they have "lost their fifth family member". 

Describing a devastating week for her family she said: "Mochi was only eight months old, she was bought for my daughter Jasmine as a Christmas present.

White dog Mochi standing in the snow

Eight-month-old Mochi was poisoned by a Star-of-Bethlehem plant last week - Credit: GLOCKLING FAMILY

She said: "We moved to Rendlesham at the start of the year, we didn't realise the plant was growing in the garden, not that I would have known it was poisonous. 

"Now is the time of year that the plant actually flowers.

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"When I cut the grass I must have cut up some of these flowers not realising, and we think the trimmings have got onto her bone and Mochi has ended up consuming the plant that way. "

Mochi's symptoms started with vomiting and eventually she became so unwell she began howling and refused to walk. 

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The Husky-Alsatian cross was rushed into an operation but sadly never woke up again after going into a coma. 

It was only when the vet said Mochi's liver had failed that Mrs Glockling knew she had to try and find out what had poisoned her.

She added: "We came across the plant and it was the only thing that was poisonous, I googled it and all the symptoms rang true to what had happened. " 

Star-of-Bethlehem plant

The Star-of-Bethlehem plant is toxic to dogs - Mrs Glockling has shared a post on Facebook to make her neighbours in Rendlesham aware - Credit: GLOCKLING FAMILY

Following Mochi's death, Mrs Glockling took to Facebook to warn other pet owners saying: "This plant is obviously growing on the Rendlesham estate area.

"These bulbs multiply so fast and every part of them is poisonous." 

Following her post on Facebook Mrs Glockling has received an outpouring of support from the community in Rendlesham and one local farmer has offered to give her daughter Jasmine a puppy. 

She added: "Mochi was the most perfect family dog, it's heartbreaking - I don't want anyone else to go through this." 

You can find out more information about which plants are poisonous to dogs here on the Dogs Trust website. 

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