East Suffolk villagers concerned that lack of footpath could lead to deaths

Concerns have been raised about the lack of a footpath on the road to Rendlesham Mews

Concerns have been raised about the lack of a footpath on the road to Rendlesham Mews - Credit: Claire Phillips

Villagers in east Suffolk are concerned that the lack of a pathway to a group of businesses could lead to someone getting killed. 

Rendlesham Mews is a business estate just outside the village of Rendlesham. 

It contains a number of local businesses including a takeaway, a hairdresser and a pot painting centre. 

The area is popular with villagers but there are no proper footpaths connecting this area back to the main centre of the village. 

Instead, those wishing to access the site have to walk along the A1152, one of the main routes in and out of Rendlesham, or travel by car. 

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Now residents are calling on Suffolk Highways to look into plans to put a footpath in. 

Claire Phillips is spearheading the effort for a new path after becoming concerned by the conditions villagers were walking in to reach the Mews, particularly during the winter months. 

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"I go to the Mews a lot," said Ms Philips. 

"Depending on the time of year it gets dark, it gets icy and muddy. 

"It's a trip hazard, it's a slip hazard and I know people who are disabled that can't get down there."

Ms Phillips said she was incredibly concerned that someone could get seriously hurt. 

"It's only a matter of time before someone gets killed," she said. 

"You can't have that volume of people walking down there in all weathers with the cars coming by. 

"I think it's best something is done now."

Ms Philips said that she was even willing to fundraise if it meant that a footpath could be put in on the road. 

Rendlesham Parish Council said it was supportive of the concept but said there wasn't "a simple solution" to the problem. 

The council said the options for installing a footpath in the area are "limited due to either cost or land ownership". 

A spokesman for Suffolk Highways said: "Suffolk Highways have not been made aware of a request to create a new footway to Rendlesham Mews.

"Any requests for a new footway would need to be made via Rendlesham Parish Council and be locally funded."

Those wishing to help Ms Philips with her campaign should contact her via the Rendlesham Community Group on Facebook. 

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