Large housing development should be downsized, say community leaders

The site of the proposed 75 home development in Rendlesham Picture: GOOGLE MAPS

The site of the proposed 75 home development in Rendlesham Picture: GOOGLE MAPS - Credit: GOOGLE MAPS

Community leaders are standing firm in their opposition to a large housing development which is planned for a site in the north of a Suffolk village.

Capital Community Developments wish to build 75 homes in Rendlesham, having already seen one bid for planning permission rejected.

The contractors are hoping to appeal that decision, arguing that the site can "acceptably accommodate" a development of this size.

Rendlesham Parish Council have now officially outlined their concerns towards the scheme, favouring a much smaller development.

A spokesman said: "It has consistently been the planning view that the site was identified as suitable for approximately 50 properties.

"The developer consistently seeks to build 75 because that suits the commercial business model."

East Suffolk Council rejected the original application for the development, on land north of Gardenia Close and Garden Square, in September 2018.

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On appeal, Capital Community Developments said the new homes would "complement the village and the existing development at Garden Square and Gardenia Close".

They also said the scheme would bring a "range of development gains which will benefit the entire community".

Councillors remain defiant in their approach to the proposed new homes and have countered a range of points made in the appeal by the developers.

Rendlesham Parish Council disagree with the developer's view that "by the council in approving the nearby Garden Square and Gardenia Close proposals" it is implicitly approving the layout of the new plans.

Councillors have argued that there are no parallels between any new development and existing ones due to the "massive" infrastructure changes in the village over the years.

The council have also raised questions regarding affordable housing - saying that none of the homes could be classed as affordable "in layman's terms".

Rendlesham Parish Council added that a development of this size is "not supportive of cohesion and inclusivity within the parish".

The appeal over the 75 homes plan will be heard later this year.

Capital Community Developments' decision comes soon after a separate bid for 11 homes at the former Angel Theatre in Rendlesham, as well several small business units, were also rejected to East Suffolk Council.

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