Residents demand end to sewage misery

HOMEOWNERS claim their lives are being blighted by tankers which are repeatedly being dispatched to suck out residue from their sewers.

The tankers from Anglian Water are sometimes having to carry out work in Red Lodge at night – adding to the despair of those living in the area.

Anglian Water said it did have a particular problem in the village – which is earmarked for thousands of new homes, a new school and retail development – because of the layout of its pumping stations.

The station causing most concern for residents is Bennett Road pumping station, which lies beneath a roundabout. It is the last in a chain of eight pumping stations further down.

The water firm confirmed it has had to visit the station repeatedly – sometimes at night – in order to carry out emergency works to remove blockages.

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Speaking on behalf of the affected residents, Pat McCloud, Red Lodge member on Forest Heath District Council, said: “Sometimes these tanker engines are chugging over all night. Any time something goes wrong it means traffic lights and restrictions – I can’t work out what is going on.

“They seem to be here every week. It is terrible for the people with this on their doorsteps. We’re wondering what will happen when all the new houses are built.”

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A spokeswoman for Anglian Water said the firm was sorry for any inconvenience or disruption but said each visit had been for emergency works to remove “rags”, which are items which should not be flushed down toilets because they do not break down easily. They include nappies and baby wipes.

“What we have in Bennett Road is the last pumping station in a chain. We do go out and unclog the pumps to prevent ingress into people’s homes. It is a difficult location because it is beneath a roundabout – it is dangerous and it needs traffic lights.

“Sometimes we have to do it in the night because the conseuences of not doing it are unthinkable. We have to go out when we have to go out and we try to minimise the inconvenience. We are responding to an emergency.”

She said new development planned in the village was not an issue because that would be serviced by a separate pumping station in Herringswell.

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