Revealed: East Anglians are least likely to be burgled when they are on holiday

Keep your home safe this summer and don't post online about being away. Picture: YUI MOK/PA WIRE

Keep your home safe this summer and don't post online about being away. Picture: YUI MOK/PA WIRE - Credit: PA

East Anglians have been described as social media savvy after a survey revealed that they are the least likely to post about their holiday on Facebook.

The research was carried out by home security experts UAP who found that one in five homeowners (19%) across the UK have posted on social media about being away without thinking about the opportunities it creates for burglars.

Only 12% of homeowners in East Anglia said they would post about being away on social media, resulting in the region having the lowest number in the UK.

The survey also revealed that it is not just holiday makers that are leaving their homes vulnerable.

More than half of respondents said they do not lock their doors every time they leave the house.

A total of 61% have no idea what brand of locks they have on their external doors, and over half are unsure about the type of lock they have.

Barry Haplin, from UAP, said: “With so many people away from home on holiday at this time of year, it can be an ideal time for burglars to strike.

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“To avoid nasty surprises, homeowners need to make sure they are doing all they can to protect their property – and this includes thinking about how they share news of when their house will be empty.

“While this part of the country is the most social media savvy, more awareness is still needed.

“It is also alarming that so many people are unaware of the type and brand of locks on external doors.

“I would urge homeowners to pay more attention to this crucial element of home security and consider upgrading their locks to the latest products that meet the highest security standards.”

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