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Rhona Damant, 45, developed breast cancer six years ago, and now has secondary, inoperable tumours in her lungs, liver and spine. This week Rhona's friend Laini writes the diary as Rhona is away.

Rhona Damant, 45, developed breast cancer six years ago, and now has secondary, inoperable tumours in her lungs, liver and spine. This week Rhona's friend Laini writes the diary as Rhona is away.

As you maybe aware Rhona is away with her family in Newquay, so it's back to the fairy friend. I am dedicating the diary this week to our recent liaison with Ronan at Newmarket.

Oh, What A Night…..

We were not correctly organised for this event, this mainly being due to the fact Rhona was in so much pain and unable to walk, so the dreaded wheelchair was going to have to be used. This had not been part of the plan all those months ago when Sam and Andrea informed us Ronan wanted to meet Rhona again. In fact, right up to the morning of the event I really didn't think Rhona was going to make it, she was in so much pain, she had asked if I would take her children etc. Can you imagine me doing this without her? NO… nor could I.

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Late morning a phone call from Alison - you may recall Alison is the lady Rhona met during her last stay in hospital; she too has been battling this dreadful disease over the years and is a fan of Ronan Keating when we told Sam her story she managed to get us an extra VIP pass. So when Alison phoned and said she was going to be able to make it, although very sick from chemo treatment and being in hospital up to the previous day, there was no way she would miss it. This determination, together with the fact Rhona did not want to let Alison down, made her determined to go too. I have to say these women are amazing, I think they both gave each other that added push to go, but in saying that I don't know how they do it.

The more people I encounter that battle this disease the more awestruck I become; where do people find the strength, courage and determination to fight on when they are so ill.

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Now late morning, our numbers had increased from four to five, with Rhona most concerned how she was going to manoeuvre out of my little car. It was quite obvious we had a problem. Who do we turn to when we have a transportation problem? Chris the Chauffeur.

Rhona sent a text to him to see if he could provide driver and car for us - of course he came back to her and said he would do it himself. I am sure he probably had other plans for Friday night, especially as this was at short notice, so I thank him from the bottom of my heart for making himself available and thank his family for being so understanding. Once Rhona knew Chris was going to take us she started to look forward to the event, happy knowing she would be able to get in and out of the car a lot easier and also that someone could help.

Chris runs Chocolate Box Cars, and has numerous cars in his range for weddings etc. - anyone wanting a car for Newmarket Races give him a call, he is an amazing guy and gives a superb service and we highly recommend him…

However, he is not available for shopping trips, that's exclusively for yours truly and herself!

Eventually we arrive at Newmarket, where we are met by a golf buggy to transport us to the nearest possible location to the VIP area, then a snag - the lift up to the VIP area was broken. I'm afraid I started to pace a bit, for those in the know, this is a warning sign. I couldn't believe we had got all this way and would not be able to get to the VIP area! Sam to the rescue, she arranged for some muscle to lift my friend up three flights of stairs. So off we go….

En-route to the building that houses the VIP area the most amazing thing happened that made my little friend's toes curl… We were just getting to the entrance door when a group of men came out, among them was (Ronan) himself, he spotted Rhona rushed over to her and gave her a huge hug and kiss. How amazing is that? Well, that was it - my friend was floating for the rest of the night.

Ronan dedicated 'I Hope You Dance' to her and we had the most amazing night as the pictures show.

The night will be one of those treasured memories; not only for me, but for everyone that was there. Kristopher and Francesca had a great time - Ronan couldn't believe how they had grown. Alison had a wonderful time. Tre, our auction bid winner from the Ball who Ronan recognised from last year, her friend Jeannie who had to endure this fact for the whole evening!! All had a amazing time. Chris, I suspect it will be a happy memory for him too.

On reflection, the difference in a year in my fairy friend scares me so. To think, the previous year we stood dancing and screaming and this year in a wheelchair!

I don't seem to be able to write this column these days without stating how much I hate this disease. I am sure there are hundreds of you out there that feel the same way - what this government and NHS think they are doing by denying people drugs because of the cost is beyond my comprehension. All the millions of pounds raised by fund-raising for cancer charities, I would think it is almost self-financing - where does all that money go? Whoops, got on my soap box again - you know I really should be Queen I could sort all these problems out!

Well, Ronan wants to see us same time same place next year, let's hope and pray we can make it! On return from holiday Rhona has a lot of decisions to make and I think we are in for quite a bumpy ride but lets hope Dr Murray can work his magic (no pressure!) and if my friend decides to have a hip replacement, I pray that the surgeons and staff at Colchester can get her pain free and walking again - PLEASE… I want my friend back as fit and well as she can be we have more things to do…

Fairy Friend X

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