Suffolk beauty queen with luxurious lifestyle features in Channel 5 show

brooke smith suffolk

The 22-year-old beauty queen showed off her glamorous lifestyle on the show - Credit: Kalel Productions/5Star

A beauty queen who lives in a multi-million pound home in Suffolk was left stunned after being sent to live with a mother-of-nine on benefits as part of a Channel 5 TV show.

Brooke Smith, a paediatric student nurse at the University of Suffolk and former Miss Suffolk, featured in Sunday evening's 5Star episode of Rich Kids Go Skint.

The 22-year-old admitted to being "a bit of a princess" and showed off her comforts at her eight-bedroom home, which is set in six acres of land in the Suffolk countryside. 

Brooke, whose family made their fortune in the car and jewellery industry, went to a private school and had her own pony as she grew up.

brooke smith suffolk

Brooke Smith, from Suffolk, with Sonya outside her Hackney home - Credit: Kalel Productions/5Star

She was also named as Miss Norwich in 2019.

Despite not knowing anything about the welfare system, she was sent to spend time in Hackney with Sonya, who claims benefits alongside a part-time role selling juice at a market.

After telling her guest of her family's finances from Universal Credit, Sonya broke down in tears and said: "There's no luxury things for us."

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Brooke said: "It's just so different from what I'm used to. Obviously, my parents have always paid for everything without a problem and have been able to buy me whatever I want.

"It's making me realise how different her life is to mine."

brooke smith suffolk rich kids go skint

The student nurse bought the family a laptop at the end of the episode - Credit: Kalel Productions/5Star

Brooke was also forced to sleep on the sofa for the first time in her life during the episode before waking up and struggling to make spaghetti - spilling the pasta all over the cooker.

At the end of the show, Brooke surprised Sonya's children by presenting a laptop before she left for her Suffolk home.

Brooke Smith is in the running to become Miss Great Britain. Photo: Kev Wise

Brooke has been named Miss Suffolk and Miss Norwich - Credit: Kev Wise

She said: "This whole thing definitely pushed me out my comfort zone and I hope I can take something away from them - maybe spending my money more wisely and maybe putting together a budget plan.

"Overall, it has been a really great experience."