Proceeds from River Deben film put towards tree planting scheme

Penny Hemphill from Suffolk Wildlife Trust with John McCarthy, who wrote and presents the film Life

Penny Hemphill from Suffolk Wildlife Trust with John McCarthy, who wrote and presents the film Life on the Deben - Credit: Archant

Alder, black poplar and crack willow to be planted along riverside

Proceeds from the film Life on the Deben have been put towards the long-term health of the river with a donation to fund the next phase of a tree planting programme.

Alder, black poplar and crack willow are among species of tree which will be planted along the upper reaches of the Deben as a result of a £1,500 donation from profits generated by the film. The Suffolk Wildlife Trust works with landowners to plant trees which improve the stability of the riverbank, helping to reduce sedimentation and provide protection for fish and other wildlife.

“Little pots of money for projects like this can do so much good,” said Penny Hemphill at the Trust. “We are not talking about a large number of trees; just strategic planting along the river bank where it can do most good.”

Since its launch in December 2017, Life on the Deben, directed by Tim Curtis, has set out to support certain riverside projects from any profits generated.

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The film, which was written and is presented by journalist John McCarthy, has already funded the purchase of a rowing skiff kit for the Woodbridge Riverside Trust. The boat is being built by volunteers in the Trust’s Longshed building on the Woodbridge Waterfront and will be used by young people on the river.

“Our intention was always to support riverside projects where possible,”added the film’s producer Malcolm Hodd. “We are continuing to see a lot of interest in the film which has been screened at cinemas in different parts of Suffolk and sold widely as a DVD. We estimate that over 20,000 people have now seen the film.”

Life on the Deben DVDs and a CD of music composed for the film can be purchased through

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