Road of death film made by police

POLICE have released a film detailing how to drive safely on a road labelled “the road of death”.

Laurence Cawley

A FILM showing motorists how to drive safely on a carriageway dubbed “the road of death” has been made by police.

The film, made by Cambridgeshire police, offers driving advice to those using the A1307 near Haverhill.

Officers made the film as part of their work to cut the number of collisions on the road.

Pc Tony Barrios, casualty reduction officer, said: “The purpose of the film is to offer road users practical advice on how to make their journey safer when travelling on the A1307.

“In the past ten years 28 people have died as a result of collisions on the A1307 and hundreds have been injured on the road. So bad has the reputation of the road become, that it has even been labelled the `road of death'. But can a road really be blamed for the loss of so many lives on the A1307?

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“The simple answer is no but clearly the matter itself is not a simple one and the fact that so many people have been killed or seriously injured on the road is extremely concerning for police.

“Roads themselves are not dangerous if you drive to the conditions of them", explains PC Tony Barrios, casualty reduction officer.

“No one road can ever be driven the same and it is important that all road users adapt their driving to meet the conditions of that road.

“The A1307 is no different to any other road in the county with hazards that drivers need to remain alert for. In principle the road layout is fairly straight with few bends for drivers to contend with.

“There are however a number of junctions and lane changes which roads users need to adapt their driving for, by slowing down and remaining alert."

Police say most fatal and serious injury collisions are caused by driver error, including speeding and lapses in concentration.

Pc Barrios added: “Without the public's help we cannot expect to reduce collisions and casualties on the road.

"Everyone who travels on the roads has a responsibility to drive sensibly and to the conditions of the roads and thank fully the majority of driver do.

“Too often we hear of a road, such as the A1307, being the cause of fatal collisions and this simply isn't the case. By reducing your speed and adapting to the conditions of the roads you can significantly reduce the chance of being involved in a collision.

“The consequences of a fatal collision are devastating for the families involved and so often they are avoidable."

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