Rolypig’s arrival is good for garden

ABBOT’S Hall Primary School’s Eco Club has always proved popular with students and parents, but its latest addition has already had a big impact.

The club’s members have recently got their hands on a bright pink Rolypig compost bin that will help make the school even greener.

The bin “eats” all the fruit and vegetable waste from the school kitchen and, as it is slowly rolled, transforms it into top quality compost, ideal for the Eco Club’s work in the Stowmarket school’ kitchen garden. Eco Club organiser and class teacher Emily Eardley said the new addition to the team had proved very popular.

She said: “It’s a big composter so every time they put the food waste in they give it a turn - they roll the pig and push it one turn every time they put food in there. It’s like a big barrel with small sides and then it gradually makes a compost.”

The club has been planting all sorts of vegetables in the garden, including peas, beans and lots of potatoes and much of what is grown is either cooked up to be eaten or sold to raise funds.

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Now, with the help of the Rolypig, the garden is set to become more productive than ever.

Mrs Eardley added: “Eco Club takes children from across the school and we meet every Monday after school.

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“They plant things in the garden, empty every small paper recycling bin into the main one and also do other things, like making ladybird habitats which will be sold at the summer fair.

“We are working towards our Eco Schools Green Flag Award and this is all part of it.”

Mrs Eardley said that through being part of the club, some of the children had become more responsible, more interested in the environment and benefited from working as part of a team.

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