Were you at the Rougham Tree Fair in the 70s and 80s?

From The Archives West Face painting at the Rougham Tree Fair September 1982EADT 02.09.2

Children have their face painted in 1982 - Credit: Archant Library

Do you remember going to the Rougham Tree Fair when it was held decades ago?

Artists, musicians and other performers gathered for the festival, which had a hippy atmosphere and attracted people from across Suffolk and beyond.

From The Archives WestHaving some fun at The Rougham Tree FairAugust 1978

Having some fun at the Rougham Tree Fair August 1978 - Credit: Archant Library

Pictures from our archive show youngsters taking archery lessons, having their faces painted and lounging in the nets.

Other fairs, such as the Rainbow Fair in East Bergholt, also proved popular at the time.

Familes enjoyed themselves at the Rougham Tree Fair over the years

Familes enjoyed themselves at the Rougham Tree Fair over the years. The event pictured in 1979 - Credit: Archant Library

The event has not been held since the early 1980s, but attendees from over the years shared their memories of the festival on social media.

Diane Kerrison said: "Both me and my husband went to this lovely event. Also to the Rainbow fair and Barsham fair."

From The ArchivesRougham Tree Fair August 1979Neg 69051EADT 21.8.12

The hippy-themed festival attracted large crowds in 1979 - Credit: Archant Library

Mark Giles added: "Great weekend, first heard and the followed the sounds if Ozric Tentacles. Playing swirly music camped with the family under a tarpaulin over the side of the van."

FROM THE ARCHIVES NOSTALGIARougham Tree Fair Aug 1980ARCHANT Neg 75332EADT 23/1/

Children learn archery in August 1980 - Credit: Archant Library

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