5 ways the Royal Mail is making life easier for customers

Parcel postboxes are to be rolled out from August along with multiple other ways to improve the deli

Parcel postboxes are to be rolled out from August along with multiple other ways to improve the delivery service. Picture: ROYAL MAIL - Credit: Royal Mail

Tired of missing a parcel delivery or having to join long queues? The Royal Mail is revamping its postal services to give customers in Suffolk more flexibility when making a delivery.

Despite many organisations across Suffolk making huge cutbacks, the Royal Mail is planning to invest £1.8 billion over the next five years to save customers time, while also giving them greater peace of mind when sending post.

Here are the changes to look out for.

Parcel post boxes

Royal Mail is set to introduce 1,400 parcel post boxes across the UK to enable customers to send parcels in the same way that they currently post letters.

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This means they will be able to send parcels which are pre-paid in postboxes dotted around the county.

Chelmsford will be one of the first locations to get the new boxes, which will be rolled out over six months from August 2019.

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Existing meter boxes, which have a wide aperture and secure design, will be converted into the postboxes making the sending of larger prepaid items both safe and convenient.

Second delivery of larger parcels

Customers will be able to receive a second delivery of larger parcels later on in the day. This service will expand in line with demand and will be fully operational by 2023.

More options for next day deliveries

The number of next day deliveries will grow over the next few years when customers order from larger retailers.

Returns collected from homes

Instead of having to visit their local post office customers will soon be able to have returns collected from their home.

More in-flight redirection options

Royal Mail will soon be offering a range of redirection options for when customers know that they are not going to be in. This could include the item being delivered to a safe space, to a neighbour or rearranging the delivery for a later date.

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