Rushmere St Andrew: Man tasered at scene of stubble blaze

A MAN has been detained at the scene of a large field blaze after police tasered him.

Emergency services are currently on scene between Humber Doucy Lane and Lamberts Lane, Rushmere St Andrew, after a fire broke out at 1.20pm.

A member of the public contacted police reported that a man was at the scene with a a sharp object, making threats. The sharp object is believed to have been a knife or razor blades.

A police spokesman said the man was tasered, detained and then taken to hospital where he is also being treated for smoke inhalation.

A spokesman for the fire service said up to ten acres of field were well alight and several fire crews were attempting to bring the flames under control.

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Station commander Richard Wood of Suffolk Fire and Rescue, told the Star the blaze had taken hold of a field of stubble.

He said: “We were faced with an advancing fire in a stubble field.

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“Initially two crews were called but because of the changing wind direction and the very dry nature of the field back up was requested.”

Six pumps tackled the blaze which destroyed an area of straw which was lying in the field waiting to be baled.

Mr Wood added: “One crew is damping down the area.

“We managed to stop the fire from reaching some houses in Lamberts Lane as well as a hedgerow.”

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