Safety fears spark demolition of pool

BULLDOZERS have set to work demolishing the much-mourned lido in Halesworth that has become a target for vandals.

The pool was closed by Waveney District Council last summer as a result of spiralling running costs and a decision was taken to forge ahead with the demolition plans over safety fears.

It is believed youngsters were climbing into the pool area and there were concerns over drowning.

Councillor Paddy Flegg said: “I am very sad to see it go. We knew it was being demolished but we didn’t know they had started.

“The ground was falling away around the concrete surround because of subsidence, and from what I understand there were large hollows beneath the pool.”

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Residents had long been battling to save the pool but realising their efforts were in vain they embarked on a mission to see new and improved sports facilities in the town.

Mrs Flegg said: “I taught and coached at the pool for many years when my children were young and we all wanted it to stay open because we liked having an open-air pool in the town.

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“However, had it been an indoor pool it probably would have been saved. We are hoping to have it replaced with an indoor pool and fitness centre.”

Halesworth Playing Field Association is leading the drive for a new sports complex at the site, off Dairy Hill. An announcement is expected in the coming weeks over the future of the plans.

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