Watch this live Santa advent calendar made by Samuel, aged 9

A boy from Woodbridge has made a brilliant series of short films on his dad’s Instagram for every day in the run up to Christmas.

Samuel Abbott started making video clips over lockdown, sometimes with the help of his older brother.

He spent time over the summer pretending to be Sir David Attenborough and speaking with various animals in the garden.

The nine-year-old enjoyed it so much he was inspired to create a short collection of videos dressed up as Santa, for each day of advent.

He said: “I started dressing up as Santa because I felt like it, and then dad told me to go run up the road and filmed it.

“That’s when I thought I could do a Santa thing every day.”

The first advent video shows Sam racing down the street with a sack on his back, with the caption: “Our CCTV just picked this up..... Santa out for an early practice run?”.

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Dad Chris said: “The boys have been making videos themselves and dressing up as various characters through lockdown.

“We thought these could be Elf on the Shelf type videos.”

One clip shows Santa doing some online shopping, servicing his sleigh, dropping some weight in preparation for the big day, finding some diet version mince pies and finalising the naughty and nice list.

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