Ipswich MP demands extra NHS cash to stop more people suffering in winter ambulance crisis

The ambulance service struggled during the Christmas period because of extra-high demand. Picture:

The ambulance service struggled during the Christmas period because of extra-high demand. Picture: SIMON PARKER - Credit: Archant

A Suffolk MP has demanded the Government pledge emergency cash to solve an ambulance crisis which whistleblowers claim has killed scores across the region.

Ipswich MP Sandy Martin

Ipswich MP Sandy Martin

Ipswich MP Sandy Martin said the National Health Service is “simply not getting enough money” and warned that more people are likely to suffer unless the Government plugs a multi-billion funding blackhole.

The call came after a whistleblower claimed at least 40 people across the East of England region had died due to late ambulances during a period of high demand over the Christmas period.

It has even been alleged one man in Lowestoft froze to death after waiting 16 hours for an ambulance on December 27.

Labour MP Mr Martin said: “It is difficult to identify individual cases but I do not think it is creditable that nobody has lost their lives due to the shortage of ambulances across the East of England region over the past few months. And there is a threat that more people will suffer.

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“Government need to step in now. They need to step in with an emergency infusion of additional resources. Health practitioners have already said there is a £20-30bn hole in the National Health Service finances.

“The East of England Ambulance service has been under performing for some time and clearly needs more money. It is not just the ambulances that need more money – the underlying problem at the moment is that the ambulances are spending too much time queuing up outside A&E.

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“We need to have more doctors and nurses available, more beds in the hospitals and we also need better primary care facilities so not so many people go to hospital in the first place.”

And Mr Martin believes a fairer tax system is needed to the additional the additional money for the NHS in future.

He added: “As a country we spend significantly less than countries do per head in other parts of Europe. We don’t want to tax the average person more. People who can afford to pay more tax are often paying very little.

“The boldest thing the Conservatives could do is close down the tax havens, and loop holes and tax high earners properly.”

Sources have said “several” cabinet ministers will raise the prospect of extra NHS cash with the prime minister.

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