Woman whose brain is ‘slipping from skull’ needs surgery within two months

Sarah Jackson

Sarah Jackson Picture: RACHEL EDGE - Credit: Rachel Edge

A woman whose brain is “slipping from her skull” has been told she only has two months to finish raising £300,000 for surgery in the USA – or she could die or become permanently paralysed.

Sarah Jackson

Sarah Jackson Picture: SARAH JACKSON - Credit: Archant

Sarah Jackson, 30, from Eight Ash Green near Colchester, suffers “excruciating pain” every day and only leaves her home for medical appointments after being diagnosed with Chari Malformation.

The condition causes the brain tissues to extend into the spinal cavity at the back of the skull, causing terrible neck pain, issues with balance and dizziness as well as sight and speech problems.

Ms Jackson had moved to Australia in 2013 but soon started suffering vertigo-like symptoms.

After medics could not find a cause, she returned to the UK where she was finally diagnosed after seeing a private specialist.

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However, Ms Jackson claims she was later told that she could not have surgery in the UK as it would be too dangerous to perform as she had also been diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS), a genetic condition affective connective tissues in the body.

After discovering she could get the surgery she needs in America, a fundraising campaign was launched.

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However, Ms Jackson has only managed to raise £14,500 of the £300,000 she needs and fears she may not be able to pay for the surgery.

To make matters worse, she has been told by her doctor in the USA that she will need to have the operation within the next two months or her condition will become fatal or will leave her permanently paralysed.

She said: “Without specialist surgery, I will deteriorate and eventually die from these degenerative conditions.

“I was told that there is nothing they can do for me here because they don’t have the expertise.

“I need about four different operations on my brain and spine.

“We have raised around £14,500 towards the surgery at the moment, which is not very good.

“I have been told I need the surgery within two months or I will die or be paralysed.

“My mum is now my carer, she has to look after me full time.

“My dad is now working seven days a week to look after us too.

“I am mainly bed bound and have to wear a neck brace all the time.”

To donate to Ms Jackon’s surgery fund see here.

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