Can you save £70 a month by getting Food Savvy?

The Food Savvy challenge is part of a new campaign to combat the issue of food waste in East Anglia.

The Food Savvy challenge is part of a new campaign to combat the issue of food waste in East Anglia. Picture: HUBBUB - Credit: HUBBUB

Is it really possible to save up to £70 a month by taking part in a challenge being run by a campaign to cut food waste?

I’m about to find out, writes thrifty living columnist Sheena Grant.

I’ve signed up for the Food Savvy Challenge, part of a campaign being run by Suffolk and Norfolk councils along with environmental charity Hubbub.

The challenge, open to residents cross the two counties, takes four weeks to complete and will include regular email updates packed with tips and useful links to help participants make the most of their food. The advice is to try as many ideas as possible during the challenge to reduce your food waste and save money.

I like to think I’m already fairly food savvy so it will be interesting to see if there are further savings I can make.

The challenge is one of a range of waste-busting initiatives the campaign will be spearheading over the coming months in a bid to reduce the £810 of edible food the average East Anglian family wastes each year.

The initial stage will run for two years and then Food Savvy’s most successful elements will be scaled up to meet a seven-year target of reducing food waste by 20% by 2025.

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Other taster initiatives over the next two years include seasonal campaigns such as a Halloween-themed pumpkin rescue, Christmas festive freeze and pre-holiday travellers check.

Food Savvy’s quick tips for households wanting to cut food waste include:

Plan ahead – more than six in 10 residents don’t plan their meals before shopping. Make a shopping list and buy only what you need.

Check your fridge – 30% don’t look in the fridge before shopping, crucial to avoid ‘doubling up’.

Store food carefully – 31% don’t store potatoes in a cool, dark place, meaning they go off quicker.

Make the most of your leftovers – four in 10 East Anglians love banana bread, a great way to use up over-ripe fruit. If you cook too much or can’t finish a meal, pack it for lunch. Even if you’re eating out, ask for a ‘doggy bag’.

Love your freezer – many residents don’t realise that popular fridge staples can be frozen – for instance, 41% have never frozen milk and 46% didn’t know it’s possible to freeze cheese. If you cook too much or forget to eat something near its use by date, chances are you can freeze it and eat it later. 

Find out more at and follow #FoodSavvy on social media.

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