Inconsiderate drivers reminded not to park in ambulance bays

The A12 crash involved a car and ambulance

Drivers have been reminded not to block ambulance parking bays - Credit: Simon Parker

Inconsiderate drivers have been reminded not to park in ambulance bays over concerns they could delay paramedics providing emergency care.

The reminder comes after a number of vehicles parked in the forecourt of the Saxmundham ambulance station, where ambulance, coastguard and Suffolk Accident Rescue Service staff are based.

Concerns have been raised over possible delays to services as a result of the problem, with staff recently being unable to refuel their ambulances due to a vehicle parked too close to their pumps.

A sign outside the Seaman Avenue station states the private forecourt is for ambulance parking only.

An East of England Ambulance Service spokesman said: “At our Saxmundham Ambulance Station we have had occasional issues over the years with members of the public using the parking on the forecourt.

"We would like to remind the public respectfully to show consideration to our emergency crews.”