Volunteer group collecting laptops and devices after significant demand from schools

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IP17 GNS said there had been significant demand from schools in Saxmundham - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

A volunteer scheme in Saxmundham is appealing to the community for IT devices to help local schoolchildren after local schools reported a significant demand. 

IP17GNS has launched an appeal to local people and businesses for connected devices that students can use to support remote learning. 

'We still see families with multiple siblings trying to access the internet through pay-as-you-go phones,’ says Bryony Peall, IP17GNS Covid response coordinator.

IP17GNS said that they had been in contact with all the local schools which had told them that there was a significant demand for both tablets and laptops.

IP17GNS will be acting as a hub, collecting devices and sharing between schools.

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The scheme already offer a number of services in the town including collecting and dropping off food and prescriptions for those in need and providing phone buddies for those living alone.

To contact the group visit IP17GNS.com

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