Suffolk road left unfinished for months labelled 'obstacle course'

Beech Road in Saxmundham

Beech Road in Saxmundham had roadworks begin in September which still remain uncompleted - Credit: Robert Budd

A Suffolk road which had roadworks begin months ago and still remains unfinished, has been called a hazard for drivers' tyres and suspensions by a frustrated resident.

The delayed works on Beech Road in Saxmundham have been described as an "obstacle course" due to raised levels of asphalt and drains.

Drivers also have been having to drive around parked machinery.

Beech Road Saxmundham

An example of the raised ironworks along the road - Credit: Robert Budd

Some residents of Beech Road have been waiting more than four years for their road to be properly surfaced according to resident Robert Budd.

He said: "We have put up with temporary ramps to our homes which have made driving along the road hazardous.

"Now, and since the beginning of September, we have had 'raised ironworks' which have turned the road into an obstacle course and threatened to damage our tyres, wheels and suspension.

"The contractors told us the work would be finished by the end of October; then it was going to be the end of November, and now we're in December and we've had no more communication from Hopkins Homes or the contractors.

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"The week before last they actually started laying the surface, for one afternoon. Since then, some of the machinery has sat idle, parked in the road and creating yet more obstacles to be negotiated."

Mr Budd was told the workers couldn't get some of the materials necessary to complete the job, but he questioned why they would start the works without first making sure the surfacing materials are available.

Saxmundham road works

Some of the delay has been attributed to an unexpected mechanical failure - Credit: Robert Budd

He added: "It's like starting to build a wardrobe without first buying the wood."

Lee Barnard, group managing director of Hopkins Homes, said: “We apologise for the disruption being caused by delays in completing the road surfacing work at Saxmundham.

“Our contractors are facing an unprecedented global supply challenge which has disrupted their work. While work to complete the road surfacing began last week, a further unexpected mechanical failure and supply issue has caused a further delay for our contractors.

“We, too, are frustrated by these delays and never wish to cause disruption to our local communities. We have been in close contact with the contractor to ensure the work is completed with the highest priority, and we will be writing to all residents this week to explain the full situation.”

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