School heavily criticises Suffolk County Council for how it handled Kyson Primary headteacher’s absence

Libby Brown headteacher at Kyson Primary, Woodbridge.

Libby Brown headteacher at Kyson Primary, Woodbridge. - Credit: Andrew Partridge

A board of school governors has launched a fierce attack on Suffolk County Council after their headteacher had to stop work for seven weeks.

Parents of pupils at Kyson Primary School, in Woodbridge, have been sent a letter signed by governors which described how headteacher Libby Brown was put into an “unbelievable position” by the authority.

On April 21, Miss Brown, who is also chairman of Suffolk Primary Headteachers’ Association, started a period of personal and private leave, according to the letter.

The EADT has learned that an allegation of common assault was made against Miss Brown by a pupil, but officers investigated the claim thoroughly and found no basis to the accusation. A police spokeswoman confirmed no further action against Miss Brown was taken.

The governors say they were told to refrain from making any comments to parents about the matter.

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Governors expected their headteacher to return to work a few days after leaving in April, but the matter continued and they were “staggered” she could not return for seven weeks.

The letter goes on: “We were overwhelmed with all the letters and emails we had showing support for our headteacher.

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“We were staggered at how long the process took and how the local authority handled this delicate situation.

“Fortunately, Libby has now returned to her post but we believe that the local authority put her in an unbelievable position during her time away. Despite many rumours circulating the school, no-one, not even Libby herself knew why she was absent.

“We are thrilled to have Libby back and will be challenging local authority procedures and strict advice in dealing with the situation. This may in the future avoid an innocent person being subjected to the same very painful and protracted ordeal.”

A spokesman for the council said it was aware the letter was sent to parents but it would not be appropriate for the authority to make any further comment at this stage.

Another letter written by the the Parents, Teachers and Friends Association of the school was sent to governors and Suffolk County Council while Miss Brown was away.

The letter has also been seen by the EADT. It states: “Many of the parents fully support Miss Brown and are keen to get her back in her rightful place as headteacher of the school that she so clearly loves.

“She is a caring, compassionate and dedicated teacher and there are plenty of parents who want to be considered character witnesses for her at this very difficult time.”

One parent, who asked not to be named, said: “Kyson is a very special school and that is in no small part down to Libby. All the parents welcome the letter from the school’s governors but personally I think someone should have said something to the parents during Libby’s absence.”

Kyson primary is rated by Ofsted as ‘good’, with an ‘outstanding’ feature.

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