Seal snapped enjoying early morning sun on boat


A seal was captured basking in the early morning sunshine after it hopped on board a barge boat on the River Stour.

The Thames sailing barge Thalatta was anchored for the night off Wrabness on the River Stour last week with a junior crew of children from Norwich School on board.

When skipper Cyril Varley went on deck around 7.30am on Friday, August 23, he found a large seal stretched out in the sunshine in one of the barge boats tied up to the vessel.

Mr Varley grabbed a quick snap, and Tam Preston, a photographer, who was on the boat during the week taking pictures for a photo shoot said it was quite a surprise.

"He went on deck to do his normal checks and there was the seal enjoying the sun," she said.

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"They are surprisingly agile and it had managed to hop right into the boat.

"He said the seal got back into the water eventually without any help and swam off."

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