Injured seal pup rescued from Suffolk beach

The pup was found without its mother 

The pup was found without its mother - Credit: Natalie Moreby

A seal pup has had to be rescued from a Suffolk beach after possibly being attacked by a dog. 

The pup, thought to only be a few weeks old, had to be rescued from Sizewell beach earlier this week after sustaining injuries. 

It's not clear where the youngster was born but rescuers believe it could have come from over the border in Norfolk where it was washed down to Sizewell. 

The pup appeared to be underweight and had sustained injuries, possibly from a dog attack. 

The British Divers Marine Life Rescue group (BDMLR), which rescued the pup, said it had received a number of calls about the stranded seal.

"We try not to interfere," said Jo Collins, Suffolk co-ordinator for the BDMLR. 

However, the colour of the pup's coat indicated that it was too young to be away from it's mother and when rescuers could not find her they decided that the pup needed to be taken in. 

The pup was found without its mother 

The pup was found without its mother - Credit: Natalie Moreby

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The coronavirus has made it difficult to find places for seals to be taken in. 

"Bird flu has also caused problems," said Mrs Collins. 

"Wildlife centres have to be very careful. It's really restrictive and heart-breaking."

As a result, the Sizewell pup has had to be taken to South Essex to be looked after temporarily and will shortly be moving further south to an RSPCA wildlife centre near Hastings. 

"We think it had been attacked by dogs," said Mrs Collins. 

Dog attacks on seals can cause serious problems for both creatures. 

"Sometimes the dogs can come off worse," said Mrs Collins. 

"These animals can have lots of bacteria."

Sizewell isn't the only place that the BDMLR has found seals in danger in Suffolk with other rescues having taken place at Walberswick and Southwold. 

A pup at Pakefield had to be put down.

Lots of calls were made about the pup

Lots of calls were made about the pup - Credit: Natalie Moreby

Mrs Collin's message to the public would be to keep dogs on a lead while on beaches if possible. 

"It's safer for the dog to be kept on a lead," said Mrs Collins. 

If you do spot a pup on a beach then keep your distance. 

"Some are perfectly fine," said Mrs Collins. 

If the seal looks to be in genuine danger then you can call the BDMLR on 01825 765546.

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