Concern holidaymakers will flock to Suffolk as other areas face lockdown

We put out a call for the government to 'Leave Suffolk out of it' and not impose a second lockdown -

We put out a call for the government to 'Leave Suffolk out of it' and not impose a second lockdown - but what do our readers think of it? Picture: CHARLOTTE BOND - Credit: Charlotte Bond

A growing number of local lockdowns are being imposed as coronavirus rates continue to grow across the country - but there are fears residents could travel to Suffolk to escape the tough restrictions.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has confirmed the nation is now at the start of the second wave of the virus, and restrictions are being imposed in areas with the highest rates to try and quell the virus spread.

OPINION: Don’t lockdown Suffolk again!

Many fear a second national lockdown could be looming if this fails to bring rates under control, which would have a devastating impact on businesses.

Yesterday, we called for the local approach to continue and for Suffolk to be spared these tough new rules based as rate remain relatively low in the region.

Business leaders in Suffolk have come out in support of our message, saying a second national lockdown would risk thousands of jobs being lost in the county.

MORE: Businesses back our call to ‘Leave Suffolk out of it’

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Readers have backed our campaign but some fear a lack of restrictions in Suffolk could simply draw people from worse affected areas to the county.

Dawny Jane Smith said: “Trouble is if they leave us out people will flock to the county to avoid rules and regulations!!! Then we’d end up with a bigger problem which is not fair on our elderly and at risk people.”

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But some feel the circuit breaker lockdown, which could last just two weeks, could be a positive step.

On Facebook, Jason Howard agreed with any measures to curb the infections, saying: “If it’s to control the virus so we can have a good Christmas so be it.”

The suggestion is the lockdown will be less severe than we saw earlier this year, with schools, and work places remaining open, but hospitality shut down and a ban on mixing with other households.

Kerry Baron questioned whether this goes far enough and said: “It won’t even be a lockdown, everyone at work, every one at school, mixing, breeding the virus, so what is the point?”

Several people lamented that if everyone had just followed the rules then we wouldn’t be in this situation, with some blaming second home owners for spreading the virus.

But Paul Theobald, from London, defended the visitors from the city, saying he has been abiding by the rules and that Suffolk is no different from anywhere else.

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