Several incidents cause problems on A12 and A14 in the county after heavy morning rain

The A12

The A12 - Credit: Archant

Police have warned motorists to take care during the morning rush hour after a sudden burst of torrential run.

Crash on the A12 northbound at Dedham on January 13.

Crash on the A12 northbound at Dedham on January 13. - Credit: Archant

Since just before 8am several crashes have happened on two of the county’s main roads.

On the A12 southbound at 7.55am at the Copdock Interchange five vehicles were involved in a minor crash which temporarily closed the road.

However it has now reopened and the vehicles, three cars and two vans, have moved on. There were no injuries reported.

Also on the A12, but on the northbound carriageway, there was a two vehicle crash at around 8am at Stratford St Mary.

Again there are no reported injuries but it has blocked the inside lane of the carriageway and queues are building up in the area.

On the A14 near the junction for Sproughton a two vehicle crash occurred at 8.25am.

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No injuries are reported in this incident either however the road is partially blocked as one vehicle is in the central reservation.

All the roads are now clear again.

A police spokesman said: “Heavy winds are also forecast over the next two days and police are advising people to take extra caution on the roads, allow extra time for journeys and leave more room between yourself and the vehicle in front of you, as well as making sure your vehicle is in full working order.

Police advice for driving in poor weather

Surface water and heavy rain

Leave more space that usual between you and the vehicle in front of you - make sure that there is enough room between your car and the vehicle in front to allow you to stop suddenly if you need to

Make sure your lights are working before you head out and use dipped headlights when visibility is poor

Check that your windscreen wipers are in good working condition

Beware of slippery road surfaces and standing flood water – and remember surface water will be difficult to spot in the rain

Reduce your speed - hitting standing water at speed could cause you to lose control of your vehicle

Strong winds

Only travel if absolutely necessary: Remember high winds can cause both road and rail disruptions as well as dangerous conditions

Consider your mode of transport: motorbikes and bicycles are vulnerable

If you do venture out, be careful of flying debris

High sided vehicles and caravans are also at risk of being upturned in strong winds

Winds can also cause obstructions so please be mindful of these and pay close attention when driving

Steer clear of sea fronts and quays. High winds cause large waves and spray along the coasts