Poll: Should the Covid-19 vaccine be compulsory?

Will you have the Covid-19 vaccine when it is made available? Picture: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Will you have the Covid-19 vaccine when it is made available? Picture: Getty Images/iStockphoto - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

The news that coronavirus vaccines may be rolled out in the UK next month has many people dreaming of a post-lockdown world – but should it be made mandatory?

On Monday it was revealed that the University of Oxford has developed a vaccine which is “highly effective” at stopping people developing Covid-19 symptoms and is demonstrated to be up to 90% effective.

MORE: ‘Normal’ life could resume by Easter, says Matt HancockHealth Secretary Matt Hancock said that a rollout of coronavirus vaccines could see life “start to get back to normal” after Easter, but stressed the “bulk” of the population will need to be immunised before Covid rules can be eased significantly.

Previously, Boris Johnson stressed that a vaccine would not be compulsory but said people should want to receive one.

However, many people are against getting vaccinated for Covid-19, leading to the question of whether it should be made mandatory?

The Prime Minister told a Downing Street press conference: “There will be no compulsory vaccination, that’s not the way we do things in this country.

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“We think it’s a good idea - I totally reject the propaganda of the anti-vaxxers; they are wrong - vulnerable people, people who need a vaccine should definitely get a vaccine.

“Everybody should get a vaccine as soon as it is available.”

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England’s chief medical officer Professor Chris Whitty said: “My advice - any medical practitioner’s advice - would be these should be voluntary vaccinations.

“People should want to take them because they will protect them from a potentially very debilitating - and in some cases, sadly, fatal - disease.”

Do you think it should be compulsory to get a Covid-19 vaccine? Let us know in the poll above.

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