Sites for 1,800 new homes at Felixstowe and the Trimleys are revealed

Proposals have been put forward for 570 homes on the Gulpher Road area of Felixstowe.

Proposals have been put forward for 570 homes on the Gulpher Road area of Felixstowe. - Credit: Archant

Planners say they are confident there are enough sites for around 1,800 new homes in the Felixstowe area without building on precious and much-loved countryside.

Details of potential sites are beginning to emerge during the creation of an area action plan for the peninsula – shaping the future of the resort, the Trimley villages, Kirton, Falkenham and Bucklesham.

While the new local plan specifically protects the northern edge of Felixstowe – the Gulpher Road area – developers Christchurch Land and Estates (Felixstowe) Ltd have caused concern by preparing proposals for up to 570 new homes, a 60-bed nursing home, 50 assisted living retirement flats for the over 55s, and, community facilities.

However, Suffolk Coastal says the site is “not suitable” for development – and now says it is not needed.

The immediate Felixstowe area is set to get 1,760 new homes in the next 15 years, but Suffolk Coastal says 943 are already completed, under construction or have permission.

It reckons the peninsula now only has to provide 850 more – and it has identified land for between 806 and 1,107.

The council said sites identified are “considered to provide sufficient land to meet the level of housing required within the Felixstowe peninsula” and the area action plan will determine which are most appropriate for future housing.

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It said: “Taking into account the number of commitments – 943 homes – identified along with the maximum capacity of the SHLAA (Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment) sites identified, the council is confident that the Core Strategy housing targets within the Felixstowe peninsula can be met.”

Sites identified include potentially 360 homes at Walton Green North off Walton High Street; 153 on farmland behind Conway Close, Old Felixstowe; 222 surrounding Trimley Old Rectory, and 108 off Thurmans Lane, Trimley St Mary; 43 at High Road, 54 in Grimston Lane, and 52 at Heathfields, all Trimley St Martin.

Suffolk Coastal says while Felixstowe and the Trimleys have seen large-scale growth in the last 50 years, in the past decade this has slowed dramatically and while the population is increasing slowly, household sizes are falling.

More people are looking for a home, which leads to younger people having to look outside Felixstowe peninsula for careers and housing.

The council’s report said: “The age profile and slow population growth could become critical to the vitality and viability of the Felixstowe peninsula and the services it provides if the slow population growth and lack of housing opportunities continues.”