Sixteen properties targeted in spate of shed burglaries in Suffolk

Police are advising people to take extra measures to secure sheds and outbuildings following the rec

Police are advising people to take extra measures to secure sheds and outbuildings following the recent spate of burgalaries

Villagers have expressed concerns following a spate of shed burglaries targeting 16 properties in rural parts of the county over the past two weeks.

Outbuildings at seven detached homes in Acton and a further nine in Monks Eleigh were broken into within days of each other.

Eight of the incidents in Monks Eleigh occurred overnight between February 17 and 18 in The Street. The other was in Church Hill sometime between February 7 and 9.

According to a Suffolk police spokesman, the incidents are being linked and have all been logged as either break-ins or attempted break-ins.

Meanwhile during the incidents in Acton, which happened between February 11 and 13, extensive damage was caused to shed and garage doors and items including a power drill were reported missing.

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All of the homes back onto fields or open spaces, and all have outbuildings that are separate from the dwellings. The 78-year-old owner of one of the houses, who did not want to be named, said: “It’s very worrying because they (the thieves) seem to be targeting entire streets in rural villages.

“Because not much was taken, there is always the concern that they might have been casing the place and intend to return.

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“Apart from the damage caused, it is very unnerving to think that someone has been around the property at night.”

At the Sudbury Town Council meeting, PCSO Andrea Campbell spoke about the rural crime spree.

She said: “Our forensics officers are going out to all of the incidents and taking as much evidence as possible.

“We are reminding people in the rural areas, where they maybe have outbuildings or sheds that are some distance from the house, to take extra security measures.

“There is a lot of expensive equipment being lifted from these types of buildings at the moment so we are encouraging people not to leave any valuable items that might appeal to thieves in sheds.”

Police are advising people to secure shed door hinges with coach bolts and to add further protection with a ‘shed bar’.

Any rotten door or window frames should be replaced, and broken glass panes swapped for a more secure alternative such as Perspex or polycarbonate.

The police spokesman added: “Window locks can be fitted along with a strong grille or wire mesh and netting used so would-be thieves can’t see inside.

“Battery operated alarms can be fitted to outbuildings and items such as bicycles, ladders and lawnmowers chained to a strong anchor point.

“Drills and lawnmowers should be property marked and post-coded and items can be registered at the free web site which is supported by Norfolk & Suffolk Police.”

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