Sizewell B: N-plant back online following planned refuelling outage

Teresa Featherstone, condition monitoring technician at Sizewell B

Teresa Featherstone, condition monitoring technician at Sizewell B - Credit: Contributed

Suffolk’s nuclear power station is back online following a planned refuelling outage.

An extra 1,200 specialist workers have been helping out at EDF Energy’s Sizewell B, completing 14,000 tasks.

Along with refuelling the reactor, a high-pressure rotor was changed on one of the two turbines and the low pressure rotors were taken apart, with each blade and bolt inspected. A routine pressure test of the well known dome was also completed, which proved the integrity of containment that houses the nuclear reactor.

Jim Crawford, Sizewell B station director, said: “The work our staff and contracting partners have achieved during this outage is outstanding.

“All work has been completed safely and to the highest standards.”

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