Anti-Sizewell protestors send message to Government ahead of PM speech

Stop Sizewell C lit up Manchester One

Stop Sizewell C lit up Manchester One - Credit: Stop Sizewell C

Protestors campaigning against the construction of the Sizewell C nuclear power plant projected messages warning the Government against financial support for it last night. 

It is understood the Prime Minister will use his speech at the Conservative Party Conference today to commit to a massive investment programme in renewable and nuclear power.

The protestors projected messages including “Don’t Buy Sizewell C - Too damaging, too costly, too risky”, “Build Back Greener, Faster - we can’t afford to wait for Sizewell C” and “Sizewell C is a taxing issue - we’ll all pay the £20 billion construction cost” onto the Manchester One building.

Alison Downes of Stop Sizewell C said: “Committing financial support for a project as slow, risky and expensive as Sizewell C, especially since the EPR reactor may not even work is - to borrow expressions from the Chancellor - economically irresponsible, even immoral, given that taxpayers and consumers would be forced to pay for it.

"We say to the Prime Minister, 'Don’t buy Sizewell C'. We can’t afford it, or afford to wait for it, so don’t waste our money on something that would be obsolete before it was completed. He should have the guts to build back faster and greener by supporting renewables, energy storage, clean heat and energy efficiency.” 

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