Slap on the sunscreen - summer will be hot!

HAVE you been enjoying the sunshine of the last few days?

HAVE you been enjoying the sunshine of the last few days?

According the weather experts you ain't seen nuthin' yet!

The perfect weather as the end of May melted into the start of flaming June was just the start of a summer to remember according to experts.

And although the temperatures may have dipped a bit today and over the next two or three days, the warm weather is set to return before long.

The only group not rubbing their hands with joy at the prospect of a glorious summer is the region's farmers who fear it could be difficult to grow crops in the dry summer.

But the weather could be the perfect boost for a region that is hoping for a tourist boost from people seeking recession-busting holidays or those planning on a “staycation” in 2009.

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Tourist chiefs reckon the fine weather should be worth millions - and hope this year will attract people to the region . . . and get them to come back time and again!

Keith Brown, chief executive of East of England tourism said all the indications were good.

“People are looking for holidays in the this country because of the recession and the long range weather prospects for the summer are very optimistic,” he said.

“What we have been telling our members is that they should show visitors that they should be attracting people because it is great place to visit, not just because it is a cheap option. That way we will get them to come back again.”

Monday was the warmest day of the year so far with temperatures hitting 24C (75F)and marked what climatologists consider to be the first day of summer.

Star weatherman Ken Blowers said the weather was considered perfect for comfortable living.

“It's been warm and dry, not humid, with just enough of a breeze to be refreshing,” he said.

The last three months have been dry with less than three quarters of the average rain falling - 3.6 inches rather than 4.9 - meaning gardeners have had to keep a close eye on their young plants.

But the lack of rain has prompted few complaints from tourist attractions.

At Felixstowe yesterday people were soaking up the sun while at the weekend visitors flocked to other coastal attractions like Dunwich.

ANGLIAN Water today insisted that the lack of rain should not cause any problems for homes or businesses in the region over the summer.

Spokeswoman Trish Tweddle said reservoirs and underground water courses were at normal levels - Alton Water is nearly 90 per cent full.

“We have not had any restrictions for 18 years and we are confident we will be able to meet people's needs again this year,” She said.

EXPERTS at the government's Met Office have said that long-range outlook is that the summer of 2009 will be warmer and dryer than normal, good news after two cold and wet summers.

Over the next four weeks they expect the weather to remain fairly good.

There is the chance of a few showers over the weekend and early into next week - but after then the weather is expected to warm up again and for there to be much more sunshine towards the end of the month.