Slimmer is now inspiring others

A YOUNG woman who lost nearly three stone is now acting as an inspiration for others following her weight loss.

Nicole Beatty, 28, a graphic designer from Stowmarket, has struggled with her weight for several years and been on several “fad” diets.

But she hit her worst point when, at 13 stone, she found she could not fit into her friend’s maternity trousers while on a skiing holiday.

She joined a local weight-loss group which helped her lose nearly three stone in just six months, leaving her a trim size 10 instead of her previous size 16.

Mrs Beatty said: “I used to sit and hide in the background because I was conscious of what I looked like in front of people, so I would never be the first person up and dancing in front of people. I just didn’t feel confident about what I looked like.

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“I used to do exercise but I had to do it at quite a low pace, whereas now I can jump about more and be more of a part of it.

“I’m more confident in going out and meeting people socially, and I enjoy being out chatting and wearing nice clothes. I used to hide in black trousers and jumpers. I think Slimming World is just so supportive and the plans are so easy to stick to so I never felt like I was dieting. I made new friends so it was a really positive experience, which is why I continued instead of giving up.”

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At just over 10 stone, Nicole is making the most of her new figure and maintaining her shape by going to body combat classes and swimming.

She will also be acting as an inspiration to people at Slimming World meetings in Christchurch Hall, High Street, Needham Market.

Meetings are on Tuesdays at 7.30pm and anyone looking for more information can contact Nicole on 07854 997272.

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