Local women have outstanding success with Slimming World

Achieve great weight loss results with Slimming World. Picture: Getty Images

Achieve great weight loss results with Slimming World. Picture: Getty Images - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Two local women share their Slimming World journeys and show off their fantastic results.

Helena - before and after. Picture: Slimming World

Helena - before and after. Picture: Slimming World - Credit: Archant

Helena’s story

Living in Hampshire and teaching full time as a food and nutrition teacher, I began to have problems with my right hip. The pain was unbearable by the time I got home of an evening, and all I wanted to do was to lie down until my medication began to take effect. The medication however had to be taken with food, so I reached for the quickest thing (usually ice cream!) until dinner was ready. I have always loved keeping fit, but exercise was beginning to happen less and less due to being consumed by pain every evening (and into the next day) - even taking my pet boxer for a walk was causing me agony.

I began to put on weight steadily and before I knew it, I was two dress sizes bigger by the time I went into have my hip replacement. After having my final check-up, I decided it was time to do something about my weight. I knew that carrying around the extra weight was not good for my health and I was beginning to suffer again with terrible migraines.

However, before I had a chance to do something about my weight I found that I needed yet another total hip replacement, this time on my left hip. My world came crashing down. I had to give up a job that I loved, I was unable to continue with my fitness and my husband and I were posted to Suffolk. All of this began to weigh heavily on me and I began to feel isolated and depressed, turning to food once again for comfort.

I had my second hip replacement on October 31, 2017. While recovering at home I promised myself that I would lose the weight, get back into my healthy eating and start building up my fitness again slowly. I searched for local Slimming World clubs and found one near to me. I was so nervous walking through the doors and all sorts of things were going through mind. What if the group judged me as I was new? Would they accept me because I wasn’t local? What if what if…? I made up so many what ifs that by the time I walked into the group it was too late!

But what had I been nervous for? The consultant was lovely and made me feel so welcome from the very beginning and the group, well they were just like a big extended family, all making me feel at ease. I listened to the new member talk, absorbing everything my consultant was telling me, but I just remember thinking how can eat all of this food and still lose weight? There is no way on this earth that anybody can consume that amount of food and lose weight… Or can they?

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I grew in confidence as the weight started to fall off me. I bought lots of the Slimming World cookery books, my favourites are Best Loved Extra Easy Recipes and the new one Eat More For Less. I bought the magazine every month and used Lifelines online for more recipes and inspiration. I love the versatility of the recipes and the fact that the ingredients listed are what most people have as stored cupboard staples. What’s more, I can still go out to my favourite restaurants and still have people over for dinner knowing that weight loss can still be achieved without the feeling of being deprived.

I am now at my target weight after losing 2st 11lbs, I have included fitness back into my life like walking the dog, gardening, weight lifting and TRX which makes me feel vitalised and more energetic, giving me a new zest for life. I now look forward to my new my career as a Slimming World consultant and helping people by touching hearts and changing lives… forever.

Jen - before and after. Picture: Slimming World

Jen - before and after. Picture: Slimming World - Credit: Archant

Jenny’s story

Jenny began her Slimming World journey last year when she decided after years of struggling with her weight and anxiety issues that she wanted to turn her life around.

“Food has always been a great comfort to me, and something I have turned to throughout my life to deal with the anxiety that I have been faced with. My father was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis when I was 16 years old, and I have grown up with the worry and uncertainty that surrounds a terminal illness,” Jenny said.

“I first noticed my weight going up and down a lot after I had my two children and I used to look forward to eating in the evening, almost like some kind of reward. Last Christmas we then sadly lost my father. He died on the December 23 and my whole life came crashing down. We had cared for him for 25 years and now he was gone and the void that this left had a huge impact on the whole family.”

Jenny then gained two stone very quickly and she decided that she needed something to help with her weight loss.

“I tried a few other diets and lost over a stone over the next five months, but nothing was working long term and I felt miserable and missed eating normally. I was on the school run in June 2017 when I saw a friend. She had lost loads of weight and looked amazing! I quickly started to chat and found out that she was now a Slimming World consultant and decided to try her group. I wanted to feel good again and I knew that I needed to get some sort of control over what I was eating.”

Jenny felt very nervous the first time she went to the group. She said: “I had been before but I never used to stay for ‘Image Therapy’. I just weighed and went. This time I was welcomed in by a fantastic social team and felt really positive and happy that I had taken this first step. The room was laid out with ideas and information and the conversation started flowing. As I met people and heard their stories I realised that the people were all there for each other and just how important it is to stay to group, I was so ready to do this.”

Jenny went on to do exactly that, and in the next few weeks she lost another stone.

“I started cooking delicious family meals that we all enjoyed together. On Slimming World we were all enjoying curries, lasagne and even burgers and chips. I also got to have my treats when I wanted them and the odd glass of wine.

“After my first week I was amazed when I stepped on the scales and had lost 3.5lbs. The whole group were delighted for me and I was so looking forward to the following week. I rang my mum and soon she was coming along with me. She has type 1 diabeties and is insulin dependent - she has now lost three stone and cut her insulin down so much that she is now under review to come off it entirely.”

Jenny has now gone from a size 16 to a size 10 clothing and she said she feels amazing.

Stowupland is due to see the relaunch of another Slimming World group on June 25 at 5.30pm and 7.30pm by Jenny Willings, who currently runs the busy Saturday morning group at Hillside Community Centre. She started the Saturday group on the December 30 and it has been such a success she is now ready to take on a second group.

You can follow Jenny on Facebook and Instagram or just get in touch for more information 07880714397.

“If any of you, like me, feel nervous or embarrassed about taking the plunge, I will be there waiting for you and we will achieve your weight loss dreams together.”

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