‘Risk of death’ at SnOasis site after reports of anti-social behaviour, council warns

An artist's impression of SnOasis, where there have been reports of anti-social behaviour. Picture

An artist's impression of SnOasis, where there have been reports of anti-social behaviour. Picture: Onslow Suffolk/Snoasis - Credit: Archant

Concerns have been raised about anti-social behaviour at the proposed SnOasis site in Great Blakenham – with fears those using it illegally for swimming and motorcycling “risk a serious accident”.

Great Blakenham Parish Council has contacted the group managing the £500million SnOasis development to highlight the numbers of people who are illegally going on to the site - with the council asking what they intend to do about the problems.

The controversial winter sports centre development has been on and off the agenda for nearly 20 years before it was given the go-ahead in April, after emergency powers were used to allow councils to make decisions during the coronavirus crisis.

More: SnOasis given the green light using emergency powers due to coronavirus crisisAmong the issues addressed by the parish council were the parking problems being caused in the village and the noise and disturbance to residents, as a result of the anti-social behaviour.

Suffolk police were called to reports of anti-social behaviour involving groups of people gathering and swimming in the lake over the weekend.

A spokesman said: “Officers attended and spoke to a number of people who were then dispersed back home. No arrests were made.”

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PC Mike Small added: “The site at Great Blakenham, which contains a disused quarry, is not open to the public. It is a dangerous area presenting serious safety risks to the public and parts of it are contaminated so we are urging people to stay away.

“Anybody with concerns about anti-social activity in the area should contact the Safer Neighbourhood Team via 101. In an emergency call 999.”

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The land has reportedly been used for motorcycling and swimming in recent weeks, with people spotted having barbecues during the lockdown.

The council is warning that there is a “risk of a serious accident or fatality” as a result.

It added that “quarries are dangerous places” and advised people that the site is not a public open space, so anyone who goes onto the land without permission is trespassing.

It also raised concerns about the possible impact this behaviour could have on the environment and the wildlife on the site, which includes several protected species.

Great Blakenham Parish Council said it received a response overnight from Your Shout, who is managing the development, and reminded the public to report any sightings to them directly.Mary Grahams, a spokeswoman for SnOasis, said they are going to have a “full security review” of the premises, where the multi-million pound winter sports centre is set to be built.

She said: “We are going to ensure new padlocks or barriers are going to be installed, and we will also ensure there is extensive signage telling people of the dangers.

“We are going to have a local security company who will investigate and resolve any reported breaches.”

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