Snow could return this weekend – but working out when and how much is tricky, says Weatherquest forecaster

Blizzard conditions almost create a white out at Ringshall. Photograph Simon Parker

Blizzard conditions almost create a white out at Ringshall. Photograph Simon Parker - Credit: Archant

There is going to be another spell of cold weather over the next week before the milder pre-Christmas conditions return.

And cold temperatures will almost certainly bring icy conditions to Suffolk’s roads over the next few days – even if wintery showers do not return.

Much of the county, as well as parts of Essex, experience snow flurries towards the end of this week although the amount that settled varied considerably.

Some places received no more than a dusting of the white stuff while elsewhere it was so plentiful children were able to build snowmen.

There is a chance more snow will fall over the weekend, according to Phil Garner from forecasters Weatherquest, but predicting when and how much is difficult.

“It’s a tricky one in terms of the snow,” Mr Garner said.

“There are clouds coming down from the north, the tricky part is saying how much of that is snow.”

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Mr Garner said throughout the weekend there would be a chance snow could fall, even later today, but Sunday evening into Monday morning was when it could be more likely.

In terms of temperatures lows below freezing can be expected at various times throughout the next few days.

Overnight tonight it could fall as low as -2C (28F) while during the day on both Saturday and Sunday the maximum should be around 4C (39F).

That will drop to about -1C at night but going into Monday Mr Garner said there could be lows of around -4C (25F).

These temperatures make the possibility of ice quite likely and as such could affect road conditions, especially those which have not been gritted.

In the medium term the current cold snap could linger for most of next week.

However as next weekend approaches Mr Garner said milder conditions could return to the region.