Soaring temperatures today mean we are in for another humid night but our top tips could make sleeping slightly easier

Morgan and Harry Hutchins stay cool during the day, but how you cool down at night?

Morgan and Harry Hutchins stay cool during the day, but how you cool down at night? - Credit: Sarah Lucy brown

There is only so much relief the cold side of the pillow can bring, so here are our ten tips for sleeping in a heatwave.

Top tips for staying cool tonight

Top tips for staying cool tonight - Credit: Sarah Lucy brown

1 Steer away from that night time drink. Alcohol may help you get to sleep, but in reality you are more likely to wake straight back up again as the heat kicks in.

2 – Open those windows. It seems obvious, but unless you live in a high crime area, open up the windows in every room, not just the ones you are in, as soon as you get home.

But remember large ground floor or accessible windows should only be left open if you are awake and in the house. Leave them on vent where possible.

3 – Use blinds not curtains. Those nice and heavy curtains stop the air circulating, while blinds get you the full benefit of open windows and still block out the early rising sun.

4 – During the day, leave the curtains/blinds shut. The greenhouse effect will heat your whole home up, which can then take 24 hours to actually cool back down again.

5 – Keep internal doors wedged open all day long, including your bedroom door. The air can circulate much better and it will keep humidity down. Opening up a loft hatch can also help.

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6 – Get thin cotton sheets. The nylon ones may be cheaper, but cotton sheets wick away the sweat and keep you feeling cool.

7 – Do not have a cold shower before you go to bed. The relief will only be temporary. It makes you sweat less, meaning you will end up hotter later on.

8 – Drink plenty of water. This one is good advice if just to prevent near death experiences, but also, dehydration will wake you up at night. Double win.

9 – Sleep downstairs. Heat rises, so if you are lucky enough to have a spare room downstairs, use it.

10 – Do not sleep naked. As illogical as it seems, thin and loose fitting cotton pyjamas will wick away the moisture and keep your body temperature down.

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