Sorry, Harry, but it’s time to grow up

Warr Zone with Simon Warr

I’VE always suspected that Prince Harry inherited his mother’s poor sense of judgement.

When he arrived at a fancy dress party some years ago, he was wearing a Nazi uniform, presumably thinking this was clever and amusing.

Needless to say, all hell broke out and he was forced to retreat into the background for a while and made to apologize for his insensitivity. Subsequently, he knuckled down, found himself a partner (Chelsy Davy) and he seemed to have put his laddish days behind him.

During the interim period, he has served in the army in Afghanistan and has asked to return; he has set up an AIDS orphanage in Africa and, a few weeks ago, stood in as a representative of the Queen at the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games.

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With his brother William, Harry has brought about a resurgence in the popularity of the Royal Family.

He’s irrepressible, energetic, industrious, self-effacing (certainly not “stuffy”, as his father has a tendency to be) and he is seemingly relaxed about life.

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Unfortunately, he has ditched Chelsy and, by doing so, has lost something of a steadying hand, which is all too apparent from last week’s ill-judged affair.

To invite a group of young women, whom he hardly knew, up to his private accommodation to engage in a game of “strip billiards” can be described only as crass and puerile.

He’s not a so-called celebrity, he’s a senior Royal, and, thus, his behaviour on this occasion was totally inappropriate.

On the up side, he’s not married and, as far as we can gather, neither were any of his young female guests.

Neither did anything illegal happen.

But, apart from being a member of the Royal family, he is an army officer and, at the time of the incident, his grandfather was ill in hospital.

I expect I shall be accused of being a curmudgeon (once again) but there are respectable codes of conduct that those in certain positions in society have to abide by.

The warning signs were evident as soon as it was revealed Harry was visiting a city like Las Vegas, which is commonly known as Sin City, i.e. the centre of world sleaze.

It is not good enough to excuse this whole tawdry episode as high jinks, and direct our opprobrium at the person who took the photos.

It must have occurred to Harry that this was a likelihood.

He must also realise that he can’t have it all.

If he wants to behave like an immature young man, he can’t then expect to be the guest of honour at any of our country’s future main events.

Harry, as endearing as you usually are, you are no longer a teenager and, what’s more, you’re third in line to the throne – so grow up, for goodness’ sake.

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