Beach huts in Belgravia! How a Suffolk town has inspired a top London hotel

Berkeley Hotel in Knightsbridge London.

The Berkeley Hotel in London is hoping to bring a bit of Suffolk to the city - Credit: PA

Southwold has proved the inspiration for a well-known London hotel, which hopes to emulate the town's signature style to entice customers back next month. 

The Berkeley in Knightsbridge has picked the Suffolk seaside town as one of its inspirations for its outdoor dining area this summer. 

In recent years the hotel has taken to changing its outdoor décor; last year it had a Mediterranean theme, this year the hotel has gone for a theme which is much closer to home. 

Of all Southwold's many attractions it was the town's colourful beach huts and coastline that proved the real inspiration for the hotel.

So much colour from Southwold beach huts. Picture: RYAN NEWTON

Southwold's colourful beach huts have been a particular inspiration - Credit: Ryan Newton

General manager of The Berkeley, Knut Wylde said: "As soon as the government announced that outdoor dining could commence from the April 12, we took the initiative to transform one of The Berkeley’s driveways into a must-visit culinary destination as we did last Summer.

"Whilst last year we embraced the Mediterranean, this year we were hugely inspired by the British seaside, UK staycations and, in particular, the charm and rainbow colours of Southwold’s beach huts and coastline. 

"It was that visual that acted as our main mood board, and so we have set about bringing beach huts to Belgravia!  

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"There will be many of us who can’t or don’t like to travel, and so why not bring a holiday destination like Southwold to central London?"

The hotel says it will be further reflecting its Southwold seaside theme by embracing seafood on its menu and by also selling ice cream which it refers to as "gourmet 99's". 

"We can’t think of a better way to promote British hospitality, a hugely important industry to support right now," said Mr Wylde. 

Southwold Mayor Ian Bradbury Picture: VICTORIA PERTUSA

Southwold mayor Ian Bradbury said that the plans could benefit Southwold - Credit: Archant

Southwold mayor, Ian Bradbury, said that the hotel's plans could also prove beneficial in attracting visitors to the real town in the long run. 

"I wish them all the best," said Mr Bradbury. 

"It's great that Southwold as a brand is finally being recognised in London. 

"It might encourage people who have not come across Southwold to come visit us when it's safe to do so. 

"That will help our economy and our high street." 

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