Southwold run in ten tries in farce against Lowestoft & Yarmouth

London 3 East Southwold 56 Lowestoft & Yarmouth 0 When scrums are uncontested from the start of the game it does not make for a great spectacle and that was the case in this dire affair, writes David Vaughan.

‘Wold in effect had to win this game with one hand tied behind their back, as the advantage of having possibly the best pack in the league was taken away for the entire 80 minutes.

It was such a shame to see spectators leaving, as the cold afternoon took its toll, before the end of the game but I am sure they would have stayed pitchside if the game had not been so farcical.

It was never in doubt as to who was going to win, but simply how many points Wold would score.

In the end Southwold got ten tries and three conversions spread evenly throughout the game, but it was hard to watch, and it must have been even harder for the strong ‘Wold side to maintain concentration or even have the will to stay on the pitch!

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Tries from Zak Loader (2), Matt Howell, James Hall (2), Jobe Brookes, Callum Anthony, Sherard Block, Cemil Duruk and Jonny Walker and three conversions from Luke Wade made up the points tally.

The rules of the game are the rules of the game, but if the contest for promotion comes down to points difference at the end of the season, it is games like this that become so unfair.

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Without a doubt, ‘Wold would have amassed probably another 30 points if the scrums had not been effectively removed from the game, and those points could be the difference between promotion or not further down the line.

This was not the rugby that we know and love, and hopefully we will not have to witness a farce like this again this season.

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