St Edmundsbury Borough Council candidates announced ahead of local elections on May 7

Abbey Gardens in the St Edmundsbury borough, where all 45 council seats will be up for election

Abbey Gardens in the St Edmundsbury borough, where all 45 council seats will be up for election - Credit:

All of the seats on St Edmundsbury Council are up for election on May 7- who will you be voting for?

Abbeygate (two seats): Jo Rayner (C)*, Andrew Speed (C), Robin Bennett (Lab), Judy Broadway (LD), Paul Rynsard (G).

Bardwell: Paula Wade (C)*, Cyrille Bouche (Lab), James Lumley (UKIP).

Barningham: Carol Bull (C) – elected uncontested.

Barrow: Ian Houlder (C)*, Andrew Whiting (Lab), Zigurds Kronbergs (LD).

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Cavendish: Peter Stevens (C)*, Stuart Letten (UKIP).

Chedburgh: Angela Rushen (C)* – elected uncontested.

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Clare: Alaric Pugh (C)*, Dave Reynolds (UKIP).

Eastgate: Patsy Warby (C)*, Nicola Ridgeway (Lab).

Fornham: Beccy Hopfensperger (C)*, Shirley Stephenson (Lab).

Great Barton: Sarah Broughton (C)*, Tom Stebbing (Lab).

Haverhill East (three seats): Jace Exton (C), Ivor McLatchy (C), Winny Yang (C), Roger Andre (Lab), Ernie Goody (Lab), Pat Hanlon (Lab), Anthony Brown (UKIP)*, John Burns (UKIP).

Haverhill North (three seats): Tim Marks (C)*, Betty McLatchy(C), Paul McManus (C)*, Thomas Chivers (Lab), Alan Pearson (Lab), Elizabeth Smith (Lab), Barry Robbins (UKIP), Ant Williams (UKIP).

Haverhill South (two seats): Paula Fox (C), Clive Turner (C), Maureen Byrne (Lab)*, David Smith (Lab), Ken Rolph (LD), Jason Crooks (UKIP).

Haverhill West (two seats): Margaret Marks (C), David Roach(C), Mary Dunning (Lab), Mark Dorey(UKIP).

Horringer and Whelnetham: Terry Clements (C)*, Robin Davies (Lab).

Hundon: Jeremy Farthing (C)*, Paul Stigwood (Lab).

Ixworth: John Griffiths (C)* – elected uncontested.

Kedington: Karen Richardson (C)*, Stephen Nutt (Lab), Bryan Hawes (UKIP)

Minden (two seats): Robert Everitt (C)*, Clive Springett (C)*, Jonathan Hartley (Lab), Mark Ereira-Guyer (G), Martin Trnecka (G).

Moreton Hall(three seats): Terry Buckle (C)*, Peter Thompson (C), Frank Warby (C)*, Cliff Hind (Lab), Trevor Beckwith (Ind)*.

Northgate: Carl Poole (C), Diane Hind (Lab)*.

Pakenham: Simon Brown (C), Gill Malik (Lab).

Risby: Susan Glossop (C) – elected uncontested.

Risbygate: Rod Barrett (C), Marilyn Sayer (Lab), Julia Wakelam (G), David Nettleton (Ind).

Rougham: Sara Mildmay-White (C)*, Kevin Hind (Lab).

Southgate(two seats): Patrick Chung (C)*, Sarah Stamp (C)*, Jan Lavender (Lab), Chris Lale (LD), Colin Freeman (UKIP).

St Olaves (two seats): Tom Murray (C), Bob Cockle (Lab)*, Quentin Cornish (Lab), Paul Hopfensperger (Ind)*.

Stanton: Jim Thorndyke (C)* – elected uncontested.

Westgate (two seats): Wayne Hailstone (C), Richard Rout (C), Kevin Waterston (Lab), Clive Reason (UKIP), Stefan Oliver (Ind), Martin Tilley (No description).

Wickhambrook: Clive Pollington (C), Derek Redhead (Ind)*

Withersfield: Jane Midwood (C), Dudley Haylock (UKIP), Robert Clifton-Brown (Ind)*.

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