Time is drawing nearer to re-sign on housing register

People need to re-register on the housing register in the St Edmundsbury and Forest Heath areas. Pic

People need to re-register on the housing register in the St Edmundsbury and Forest Heath areas. Picture: IMAGE CREATIVE PARTNERSHIP - Credit: Archant

Emails have been sent out to 2,500 people on the housing register in the Forest Heath and St Edmundsbury districts, advising them that they will need to re-sign by the end of next month.

Councils across the Cambridge Sub-Region are changing IT provider for the database it uses for its choice-based letting scheme, Home-Link. This is because a contract with another IT supplier is coming to an end.

Councillor Sara Mildmay-White said: “From February 1, 2019, if people in the Forest Heath and St Edmundsbury areas wish to remain on the housing register and to continue to bid for properties, then they will need to re-register. They must do this by February 28 to ensure they remain on the housing register from April 1.”

The new register will come into effect from April 1. As this is a new provider the councils can’t simply transfer the data held from one provider to another. If people haven’t re-registered and their application hasn’t been verified by this date they may lose their place on the register and may not be able to bid for properties. West Suffolk councils can only assure that people who re-registered by February 28 will be verified in time for the April 1 switchover.

The council is also talking to local partners including the Citizen’s Advice Bureau and Registered Providers including Havebury Housing Partnership and Flagship Homes, so they understand the implications of the changes and can provide advice as appropriate.

The change in IT supplier does not change how priority banding is decided because the Home-link scheme remains unchanged. People will still be assessed in line with the existing housing policy. It is only if there has been a change in their circumstances that their banding may change up or down.

The change of system will also ensure that the information that is held is up-to-date and reflects people’s housing needs and priority.

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People can re-register from February 1 at www.home-link.org.uk

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