St Mary’s Nursing Home, Felixstowe, ordered to take action after ‘inadequate’ rating

St Mary's Nursing Home in Felixstowe - branded "inadequate" by the CQC.

St Mary's Nursing Home in Felixstowe - branded "inadequate" by the CQC. - Credit: Archant

Improvements have been put in place at a seaside nursing home which was found to be “inadequate” by independent inspectors.

Although the Care Quality Commission (CQC) has recognised action taken at St Mary’s Nursing Home in Undercliff Road East, Felixstowe, in the past two months, it says its “inadequate” status will remain in place until the changes are proven to work consistently.

CQC officials found breaches of legal requirements in staffing levels, infection control, staff training and support during an unannounced spotcheck in January.

It was found to be inadequate regarding safety, effectiveness and in how it was run.

In addition, they found the home, which can provide nursing and personal care and accommodation for up to 40 older people, including those with dementia, required improvement in how it ensured the care and welfare of its clients and provided a good quality service.

Warning notices were issued with a deadline for improvements by late March and a second inspection held in April when it was evident that changes had taken place with the appointment, too, of a new manager.

The CQC said: “There were improved systems in place to meet people’s needs safely. People’s care records had been reviewed and updated to reflect the care and support they required. Staff respected people’s privacy and dignity.

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“There were now appropriate arrangements in place to protect people from risks associated with infection control.

“People’s dietary needs were assessed and actions were taken when there were concerns about people’s wellbeing relating to their nutrition and hydration.

“There were sufficient numbers of staff to meet people’s needs. Improvements had been made in how the staff were provided with the training and support they needed to meet people’s needs.

“People were supported to see, when needed, health and social care professionals to make sure they received appropriate care and treatment.

“There were improvements made in how the service sought people’s views and experiences. Improvements were made in the service’s quality assurance processes.”

A spokesman for the home’s owners, said the CQC had looked in detail at the action taken and had been very encouraging.

He said: “They were extremely pleased with what we had done but the grading we were given will remain until they are satisfied that the improvement is continuing and is consistent.”