'Nuclear energy is not green' say Sizewell C protestors at COP26

EDF/Stop Sizewell C

COP26 is a gathering of major world leaders to help combat climate change issues, Sizewell C protestors say nuclear is not part of the solution - Credit: EDF/Stop Sizewell C

Campaigners from Suffolk have travelled to COP26 host city Glasgow to protest over Sizewell C, which they say is not the solution to the climate emergency.

Stop Sizewell C, two Suffolk Coastal 2019 General Election candidates and local supporters unfurled a "Nuclear is Not Green" banner in the centre of the city.

Stop Sizewell C

Alison Downes from Stop Sizewell C in Glasgow - Credit: Stop Sizewell C

Alison Downes, from Stop Sizewell C, said: "With the attention of the world on Glasgow, we're here to highlight how Sizewell C is the wrong solution for our climate emergency, and the need - in the words of the Prince of Wales - for a radical transformation to an economy that is genuinely renewable and sustainable.

"With competition for finance it's unacceptable that £1.7bn of taxpayers' money is being earmarked for a large scale nuclear project, let alone the tax proposed on all our energy bills."

However, a spokesperson Sizewell C has defended the potential nuclear power plant's role as a green energy source and stated how it can help reach COP26's goal of carbon neutrality.

Sizwell C

EDF believe Sizewell C will help contribute to the UK's goal of carbon neutrality - Credit: andrewhendry

The spokesperson said: “Sizewell C has a vital role in helping the UK reach net zero as it will provide clean always on power for 6million homes and save 9million tonnes of Co2 every year of operation.

"Suffolk’s existing nuclear power station Sizewell B has already generated low carbon electricity for 57.7million homes in its first 25 years of operation. That’s avoided 72million tonnes of Co2 which is the equivalent of taking 34million cars of UK roads for a year. But we need more low carbon power to meet growing UK needs.

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"The electrification of the way we power our cars and heat our homes means our lives will increasingly come to depend on clean electricity. We need more new nuclear power stations to replace those closing and to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels.”

Stop Sizewell C

Stop Sizewell C protestors in Glasgow this week - Credit: Stop Sizewell C

Green Party district councillor Rachel Smith-Lyte travelled to Scotland to protest over the potential site, she said: "It's great to be in a nation that understands that if you want green policies you can't keep voting for the business-as-usual parties and expect a different result. We seem to be in an era of greenwash.

"We need to be alert to that and to be clear about what is genuinely green and genuinely renewable energy, and nuclear isn't it."

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