Stowaway Tilly bound for a loving home

A SNEAKY STOWAWAY who faced being put down has been rescued thanks to an Essex animal sanctuary.

Tilly the Little Pomeranian came into docks of an Essex port and when no one claimed her it looked like she was destined for doggy heaven.

But authorities called Maureen Taylor from Mistley Park Place near Manningtree in case there was any chance she would have room for her.

Mrs Taylor agreed to take Tilly but her home for six months will be the quarantine centre in Stanway near Colchester.

Then if she gets the all-clear from DEFRA, she will be free to head to Mistley Park Place to get used to the outside world again before a loving family can be found to care for her.

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Mrs Taylor said mystery surrounded exactly how Tilly had ended up at Tilbury docks but said she was likely to have come in from overseas. She said initially Tilly had been very nervous when she first met her although the regular visits combined with chicken treats were helping.

She said: “If nobody had taken her - she would have to have been put down I am afraid.

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“We have a preliminary date for release at the end of October but that has not been approved yet.

“From what I was told she was in a pretty bad way and she is still quite nervous when I visit her although she is getting used to me now.”

Mrs Taylor said she suspected that Tilly could be a foreign dog as she does not appear to understand any commands at this stage.

Costs for the care of Tilly at the centre are not cheap – at nearly �60 per week, and then another �14 per week for heating when it gets colder.

Anyone wanting to help pay for Tilly’s upkeep or interested in providing a home for her at the end of the quarantine can contact Mistley Park Place on 01206 396 048.

The centre, which is run as a charity, is open to members of the public.

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